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My thoughts on writing as I learn the craft. Lessons learned, ideas, etc.

And So It Begins…

Time to start a new novel. Every new novel feels like the beginning of a whole new life, and in some ways, it is. I’ve got new people to discover, new adventures to plot, new risks to take. And while … Continue reading

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Good Writing Weather

It’s snowing outside, and it snowed yesterday too.  I shoveled at least four inches of snow off the driveway this morning, and we’re expecting anywhere from another 2-5 inches overnight.  When I lived in upstate New York, I would have … Continue reading

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Half-fast Writer

I am not a fast writer.  I continually read about writers (all far more successful than I) who can write a novel in 16 days, or a month, or even a week. I am in awe of their capabilities. Last … Continue reading

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Writing at the Coast

I’m baaack. From a nine-day sojourn to Lincoln City for an intensive Science Fiction writing workshop, taught by award-winning author and editor, Kristine Rusch.  Wrote four shorts and a little a technique exercise that mutated into a flash fiction piece.  Read … Continue reading

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Time In, Time Out

  May was a very busy month.  I spent eight days at a Print On Demand (POD) workshop, another four days in Missoula at MISCON for a writer’s conference, and my sister came for a brief visit last weekend.  I’ve … Continue reading

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The Business of Writing

      I guess you could say I’ve been a bit remiss in my blogging the last few weeks. In April I attended a week-long writing workshop on the coast which was grueling, liberating, and life-changing (all at the same time). … Continue reading

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Where Are We Going?

In her terrific book, Write Away, author Elizabeth George shows how she develops such detailed and vivid locations for her stories.   In many cases she writes about places that actually exist; she photographs the buildings or sites to help her … Continue reading

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