Happy Solstice: The Return of the Sun

A few years ago, I gave up the madness of the Christmas season (when people celebrate Chris) for a quieter, nontheistic celebration of the first day of Winter, and the return of the light. I no longer have to face the herds of desperate migrating travelers as we all attempt to reach the lands of our clans. Instead, I spend the ‘me’ day working on my goals and deliverables for the coming year and updating/honing my 5-year strategic plan. I ponder things and think thoughts.  

I do indulge in a small tree or cedar boughs; festooned with Nordic goats, birds, and symbols that represent hopes and dreams for the future (cottages, hearts & luck). An altar with items from the past year that made me happy and candles lit at sunrise to greet the sun always brings a swell of positivity to my heart.  It’s a nice way to start the day…and the year as well.

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season and a more positive world in 2024. 


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