Writing at the Coast

lincoln-cityI’m baaack.

From a nine-day sojourn to Lincoln City for an intensive Science Fiction writing workshop, taught by award-winning author and editor, Kristine Rusch.  Wrote four shorts and a little a technique exercise that mutated into a flash fiction piece.  Read three anthologies and a couple of dozen short stories before the class, and another 80 excellent stories written by my classmates during the week.  This is my third workshop on the coast, and each time I go, it’s a life-changing experience.  I got some nice shiny-new tools for my craft toolbox, and a new appreciation for short stories, and the Science Fiction genre in particular.  Not to mention meeting 18 other fantastic writers and learning from a master writer/editor who can also teach (a rare combination, in my experience).

And then there’s the whole Hemmingway-ish environment of The Historic Anchor Inn, which seems to me the most creative spot on the planet.  Every morning, we stagger into the dining room for a group breakfast, bleary-eyed with lack of sleep, and they feed us the most fantastic breakfasts.  There must be something ‘special’ in the food, because by the time we’re done eating, each of us has that inner fire in our eyes, and we’re raring to get back to work.

Every time I go, my writing takes a big jump forward.

I can’t wait to go back.

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