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2022: The List & The Lesson

Another year gone by. After three years and three pandemics we tighten our global resolve to beat the virus(es), curb inflation, stop global warming, and end a senseless attempt by oligarchs to annihilate an entire county and kill the millions … Continue reading

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Winter Has Come

Winter has come. With it, a ‘storm in a generation’ has begun a thorough tour of most of North America, just to remind us all that in the timeline of eternity, the Ice Age was mere moments ago. Oregon isn’t … Continue reading

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Mall Crawl

Until this weekend, I had not been to a shopping mall for more than 3 years. It’s not that I was ever such a big-time mall shopper, but there were regular visits; you could say we were well-acquainted. In addition … Continue reading

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Dancing to the Omicron Jive

Welp, here we are; week 100 of the pandemic, by my count. Friends have gotten sick. Friends have died. In two years, it’s morphed from COVID-19 to Delta, and again to Omicron, which by any other name should have been … Continue reading

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2021: The List & The Lesson

The year is over.   This year (year 2 of COVID), although not as bleak as the year previous, has hardly been memorable in a good way.  Or has it? When I tally up my blessings for the year, I … Continue reading

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Trimming the Tree: Solstice

I made a conscious decision this year to step away from December 25th.  It was not a choice made from a place of cynicism or stress any other negative place; I grew up with Christmas morning and shrieking with excitement … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season: Symbols, Sigils, & Alchemy

The pending arrival of the fall Equinox brings to mind all the coming colors of the fall season and reminds even the most tech-savvy among us of the persistent influence of previous ‘before times’ (and yes, there have been many). … Continue reading

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