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Is it Cheating?

Let me make this clear: my dog’s name is Merlin. He is an Australian Shepherd and I love him dearly. Unreservedly.  We’ve lived together for 5 years, and we get along great.  No arguments. He has his quirks, I must … Continue reading

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Writing Weather – Baby It’s Cold Outside

We had plenty of warning for this monster storm, but that doesn’t make it any less “chilling”. Oregon and much of the Pacific Northwest is hunkered down at home (as we expect to do this time of year) just waiting … Continue reading

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Happy Solstice: The Return of the Sun

A few years ago, I gave up the madness of the Christmas season (when people celebrate Chris) for a quieter, nontheistic celebration of the first day of Winter, and the return of the light. I no longer have to face … Continue reading

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2022: The List & The Lesson

Another year gone by. After three years and three pandemics we tighten our global resolve to beat the virus(es), curb inflation, stop global warming, and end a senseless attempt by oligarchs to annihilate an entire county and kill the millions … Continue reading

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Winter Has Come

Winter has come. With it, a ‘storm in a generation’ has begun a thorough tour of most of North America, just to remind us all that in the timeline of eternity, the Ice Age was mere moments ago. Oregon isn’t … Continue reading

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Mall Crawl

Until this weekend, I had not been to a shopping mall for more than 3 years. It’s not that I was ever such a big-time mall shopper, but there were regular visits; you could say we were well-acquainted. In addition … Continue reading

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Dancing to the Omicron Jive

Welp, here we are; week 100 of the pandemic, by my count. Friends have gotten sick. Friends have died. In two years, it’s morphed from COVID-19 to Delta, and again to Omicron, which by any other name should have been … Continue reading

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