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Advice: A Thermostat of Comparison

The experts tell us not to compare our success against others. Good advice, yet where else are we nubies and neo-pros to go for the information we need to become successful? The very act of seeking to improve our craft … Continue reading

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Writing Weather – Let it Rain

My blogging has fallen behind this month–almost a month since my last blog entry. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without writing a blog entry. I’m not making excuses, but I’ve been incredibly busy. I just completed my second … Continue reading

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Get Your Gumbo On, Fat Tuesday is Coming…

  It happens every February: there’s a respite in the weather, the sun comes out, and (like today) the temps climb into the 60s. The crocus and daffodils start blooming, and the pussywillows start appearing. Is it heaven? Nope, it’s … Continue reading

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In the Mood? A Question of Atmosphere

It’s dark and dreak and dreary outside–rainy, foggy, damp; you get the idea. After all, it’s January in Oregon. It’s supposed to be grey and gloomy this time of year. My current work in progress has a similar sort of … Continue reading

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The Learning Never Ends

In 2009, when I started writing fiction full-time, I expected I’d get that big fat publishing contract in 3, maybe 4 years tops. I planned to learn everything I could from the best teachers I could find. Most small businesses … Continue reading

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Holy Fractured Fiction! It’s Mercury Retrograde!

For most of this month (if you believe the universe exerts influences in our daily lives), the planet Mercury is in retrograde, a term that astrologists use to define a period where a planet appears to move backwards across the … Continue reading

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Writing: It’s a Good Gig

I’m not pointing a finger; I’ve done my own share of whining as well. And while I’ve said that writing is the best job I’ve ever had, like any occupation, it isn’t always fun and games. It’s a gig like … Continue reading

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