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Writing Life: When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

Summer arrived with a bang this month. This weekend, most of Oregon is under an excessive heat warning for the next two days. Temperatures are predicted to top 100 degrees where I live. It’s early yet, so I’ve got my … Continue reading

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First Draft

I finished the first draft of my latest novel project yesterday. It’s a thriller; a new genre for me, and it takes place in an alternate universe in terms of time and place, so I had to do a lot … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Small Stuff

I finished up the first draft of my new WIP last week.  It took me almost exactly 4 months from start to finish, although there was a total of three weeks during that time where I got no writing done … Continue reading

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‘F’ is for…

‘F’ is for Finished, as in done for the day, ‘I’ is for Iterations, no more will they play, ‘N’ is for Numbers, at the top of the page, ‘A’ is for Anger, no more I will rage. ‘L’ is … Continue reading

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Page Envy

Last night, I attended the Boise Speculative Fiction Writers group.  This is a loosely organized group of approximately 20 members has been meeting once a month at an indie bookstore for several years.  We don’t have club officers or membership … Continue reading

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