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Purging the Three-letter-word Profanity

I’m taking a class on pitches and blurbs.  It’s a good class, and it’s helping me even more than I expected. One of the most important elements of strong pitches and blurbs is using active language, and this means ridding … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Small Stuff

I finished up the first draft of my new WIP last week.  It took me almost exactly 4 months from start to finish, although there was a total of three weeks during that time where I got no writing done … Continue reading

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Peeling the Onion

There comes a point (or several) when your manuscript is ready (or not) for aliens.  Not the kind from outer space, but real READERS.   For the FATE manuscript, I asked two fellow writers whom I’d met at a writing workshop.  … Continue reading

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