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‘F’ is for…

‘F’ is for Finished, as in done for the day, ‘I’ is for Iterations, no more will they play, ‘N’ is for Numbers, at the top of the page, ‘A’ is for Anger, no more I will rage. ‘L’ is … Continue reading

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Golf Courses, Swiss Cheese, and Manuscripts

In the form of a question please: What are full of holes? I recently reviewed an early reader draft of a fellow writer’s latest manuscript.  He’s more on the Sci-Fi side than Fantasy, and this is the second one of … Continue reading

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Peeling the Onion

There comes a point (or several) when your manuscript is ready (or not) for aliens.  Not the kind from outer space, but real READERS.   For the FATE manuscript, I asked two fellow writers whom I’d met at a writing workshop.  … Continue reading

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Oh, what I don’t know about editing…

I recently recieved some additional reader feedback on the latest iteration of the Fate manuscript (thank you, Elizabeth!), and given that I’ve got another month to go in the queue before it’s my turn with the professional editor, I decided to … Continue reading

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