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WorldCon Redux: Sasquan

Every year, the World Science Fiction Society, an organization of science fiction fans, writers, and artists come together for several days to celebrate the films, music, costumes, gaming, artists, and writers of science fiction. It’s a fan-driven convention, but I … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Wit

I’ll be pitching GLAMOUR to agents this weekend at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference.  It will be my first time pitching this story, but not my first time pitching to agents.  The process is nerve-wracking, although I’ve always had at … Continue reading

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Next Steps

With GLAMOUR version 02.5 now in the hands of my early readers, I’ve set the manuscript aside for the next month, and I’m looking forward to a little downtime.  I’ve got some catching up to do.  I’ve been so busy … Continue reading

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Well, it worked.  I went back to my old writing prompt; basically a blank sheet of paper with three sentences written at the top: Good morning, Pandora.  What do you love to read? What would you like to write about? … Continue reading

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Out in Public

This week, I’m off to Seattle for the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, where I’ll be mingling with agents, publishers, editors, experts, and other fellow writers.  I’ve never attended this particular conference before, but I AM a member, so this will … Continue reading

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Page Envy

Last night, I attended the Boise Speculative Fiction Writers group.  This is a loosely organized group of approximately 20 members has been meeting once a month at an indie bookstore for several years.  We don’t have club officers or membership … Continue reading

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A Monster by any other name: Motivating Your Inner Cryptozoid

I may be going out on a limb here, but if you’re writing urban fantasy (or any kind of fantasy), the supernatural & paranormal characters of your story are going to need motivations, feelings, and possibly even emotions, just like … Continue reading

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