Celebrate the Small Stuff


I finished up the first draft of my new WIP last week.  It took me almost exactly 4 months from start to finish, although there was a total of three weeks during that time where I got no writing done on the manuscript at all because I was in a class (three classes, to be exact) or had house guests.

When it’s done, I expect my new manuscript to run around 100K pages, but this is my fourth novel, and I’m learning that I write my first draft extremely lean.  I’m more concerned about getting the story actions on the page than paying attention to descriptions, emotions, or thematic elements.  Like I did with FATE and GLAMOUR, I developed a pretty detailed outline for AURUM, but I also deviated quite a bit from the plan.

Finishing up the first draft of AURUM is something worth celebrating.  I feel good.  I plan to let the manuscript sit for a few weeks while I write a few short stories and finish up writing the follow-on novel to FATE.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to go to the movies, do a little retail therapy, and celebrate the feeling of having written.

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