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The Joy of Having Written

I finished editing the final six chapters on AURUM today.  I’m done.  Finished, Finito. This is my fourth completed novel.  The joy and lightness of spirit that comes with having written is a high I’ve now experienced four times, but … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Small Stuff

I finished up the first draft of my new WIP last week.  It took me almost exactly 4 months from start to finish, although there was a total of three weeks during that time where I got no writing done … Continue reading

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Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year begins this week; this year being the year of the Snake.  The Snake is the most enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the 12 animals signs of the Chinese zodiac. This is a year of water … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

Call me silly, but I love a parade! My little community commemorates the holiday with a parade each year, and the kids all decorate their bikes and skateboards and what-all and trail our neighborhood fire trucks in a parade that … Continue reading

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