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The Joy of Having Written

I finished editing the final six chapters on AURUM today.  I’m done.  Finished, Finito. This is my fourth completed novel.  The joy and lightness of spirit that comes with having written is a high I’ve now experienced four times, but … Continue reading

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Subtext: It’s Always There

I’m back from Los Angeles, where I spent four intensive days in a Robert McKee ‘Story’ seminar.  Even though I’ve read his book (twice), the live lecture shook loose some new-to-me concepts which I plan to incorporate into my current … Continue reading

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Have You Scene My Template? Part II

Hey, you’re right!  It’s time to talk about Part II Scene Templates.  In January, I wrote about how I have compiled a list of reminders as I work through my first draft.  I’m getting close to finishing the Destiny pre-draft … Continue reading

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