Monday Funday – Kevin Hearne Book Signing

Kevin-Hearn-and-ME-at-Powel   Last night I went to a terrific book signing for Kevin Hearne and his latest book in the Iron Druid series, Hunted. I discovered this series a few years ago, and have been a faithful fan ever since.  The signing was held at Powells Books in Cedar Hills (Beaverton), which is less than 5 miles from me.

I had been to book signings before, but Kevin’s was definitely the most fun.  First of all, he’s a fun guy, and his passion for his writing and the world he’s built around the Iron Druid comes out in almost everything he says.  Rather than do the expected reading, he spent an hour answering every question the audience cared to ask.  And there was a pretty good crowd there, so there were a LOT of questions.  He also talked about a couple of stories he’s got coming out; one in Unfettered (along with Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson, Carrie Vaughn et. al.), and one in the upcoming Carniepunk anthology, due on July 23.

Glad I went.

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