Minions, Fetch Me My Copyright Pen!

MiaFetch-071713  With publication comes paperwork, and today I’m talking about copyrights.

As a writer, I automatically own the rights of my original creative work (WARNING: I am NOT a lawyerRowanFetch-071713
or legal expert in any way.  I’m just relating my personal experience and beliefs here).   As a soon-to-be-published author, I want to protect my rights in the future, and thus this week, I applied for my first copyright.

It costs money to file the paperwork, but I consider it money well spent.  In fact, writing out the checks
made me feel like a real AUTHOR for the first time (I even got to check the ‘AUTHOR’ box on the application).

The only tough part was finding a black pen to fill out the form.  Thank goodness for minions.


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