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Thrill Ride: Nine Questions for Jump-Starting a Novel

Here another useful tool I use when I’m dancing around, trying to find my plot. I find that once I’m able to answer the following 9 questions, the story has pretty well coalesced and I’m ready to start outlining and/or … Continue reading

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Feathersight and Inspiration

One of my Beloved Sisters, a biologist, told me once that there are two kinds of people in this world: feather finders, and everyone else. She says feather finders cannot help themselves—they find feathers wherever they go. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Turning Points

As I mentioned earlier, I attended a Robert McKee ‘Story’ seminar this month.  Although his focus was geared toward screen writers, many of his ideas work for the novelist as well.  Fundamentally, McKee insists that every story is a series of choices … Continue reading

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Subtext: It’s Always There

I’m back from Los Angeles, where I spent four intensive days in a Robert McKee ‘Story’ seminar.  Even though I’ve read his book (twice), the live lecture shook loose some new-to-me concepts which I plan to incorporate into my current … Continue reading

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The Magic Word

I’m up in lovely, lively Bellevue Washington this week, attending a Story Masters seminar with Christopher Vogler, James Scott Bell, and Donald Maass.  All three men have decades of experience in the practice and theory of writing, all are best-selling … Continue reading

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What’s Your Superpower? What’s Your Kryptonite?

I’m back from a week-long Novel Re-Writing Workshop taught by David Farland.  I was one of eight students in the class, and we spent at least two hours a day critiquing each other’s work.  We’d each submitted the first 20 pages … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Days

There are days when it certainly seems as if the universe is conspiring against the working writer.  I’m not paranoid, but the last several days have been filled with trips (3) to the vet for regular inoculations, emails from old … Continue reading

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