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Who Scares Ya, Baby?

   Okay, I must be the last person on the planet to see Iron Man 3 in the theatre.  In fact, I saw it on Thursday, and by Friday, it was no longer playing in the theater.  No worries, this … Continue reading

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Subtext: It’s Always There

I’m back from Los Angeles, where I spent four intensive days in a Robert McKee ‘Story’ seminar.  Even though I’ve read his book (twice), the live lecture shook loose some new-to-me concepts which I plan to incorporate into my current … Continue reading

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Living the Dream(land)

I’m in the middle of my first round of major revisions for GLAMOUR, and I find myself living in my character’s head(s): inhabiting their houses, going to their bars, dining on their, um prey.  Only in my dreams, of course, … Continue reading

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