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Thrill Ride: Nine Questions for Jump-Starting a Novel

Here another useful tool I use when I’m dancing around, trying to find my plot. I find that once I’m able to answer the following 9 questions, the story has pretty well coalesced and I’m ready to start outlining and/or … Continue reading

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Hatching GLAMOUR

I guess it sorta snuck up on me, but I ‘finished’ the initial draft of GLAMOUR this week.  I don’t like to call it a first draft yet, because as the story evolved and changed in the later chapters, I … Continue reading

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Leprechaun’s Loss: Are You Staying or Changing?

Nancy Kress, in her book Characters, Emotion, & Viewpoint talks about populating your fiction with characters that are interesting and memorable.  She categorizes characters as changers or stayers.  Changers are defined as characters that are altered significantly by the events … Continue reading

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