Bad Hair Days

There are days when it certainly seems as if the universe is conspiring against the working writer.  I’m not paranoid, but the last several days have been filled with trips (3) to the vet for regular inoculations, emails from old friends stranded in Nigeria, a five-hour doggie emergency room visit, two power outages, the futile search for a decent-sized dog food canister, and small household appliance failures.  In my life, the death of a blow dryer is worthy of a national day of mourning. 

There are many other things I could be doing, but I want to finish this first revision and get GLAMOUR into the hands of my first readers before the end of February.  I finished chapter 17 today, and have at least 31 more chapters to go.  With Fate, I was able to do 2 scenes per day, but GLAMOUR isn’t FATE.  I’m going to have to pick up the pace.  Start earlier and work longer. 

Even today, the sunshine and unseasonably warm 48-degree temps beckon me into the outdoors.  Rowan has slapped me with the Frisbee several times today already.  Mia, after three days on antibiotics and pain killers for an abscess which required emergency surgery, is finally back on her feet.  The girls don’t know about personal deadlines and butt-in-chair.  All they know is that Mia was sick and things weren’t right. The whole house was stressed to the max.   Now she’s better, and it’s time to play again. 

 I’d hoped to run out to Target and get a new blow dryer this afternoon, but now that I’ve finished my revisions for the day, I’m going to spend an hour in the sunshine playing with the dogs.  They don’t care WHAT my hair looks like.

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