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Spring Cleaning for Writers

Spring is here. Time to clean house. Even writers can benefit from a little spring cleaning. After launching three titles in three months at the end of last year, I realized that I actually have a pretty good start on … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

January and February have always been pretty tough months for me. The novelty of winter has passed. The post-holiday slump and lack of sunshine usually start getting to me by around mid-February. Then, just about the time I hit the … Continue reading

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Embrace the Green

Everything’s coming up green here, and I for one and more than ready for Spring. The cherry trees in my neighborhood are raining pink petals all over the sidewalks, and daffodils have burst through the soil, nodding their heavy heads … Continue reading

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City in Bloom

Portland is known by many names (Rip City, Stumptown, and Beervana, to name a few), but since the term was first used in 1888, it’s been known as the City of Roses, and it’s been the city’s official nickname since … Continue reading

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Word of the day: Mud

Mud / məd/ • n. soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water.   Mud is an Old English word that has been with us since at least 1400.  Other words for mud listed in the Oxford English … Continue reading

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Spring Break

My beloved sister (or one of them, at any rate) came for a visit this weekend from Southern California. Fortunately, the weather was ‘Portland Perfect’ and we had a terrific time prowling the streets downtown, groovin’ on Mimosas, great coffee, … Continue reading

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Livin’ La Vida ‘Loha: Early Equinox

The groundhog was right. Spring arrived early this year; today is the spring equinox for Oregonians.  Sunrise and sunset are exactly 12 hours apart. Daylight savings is the reason, of course, but I don’t mind.  Daffodils are blossoming in nearly … Continue reading

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