Livin’ La Vida ‘Loha: Early Equinox

The groundhog was right.
Spring arrived early this year; today is the spring equinox for Oregonians.  Sunrise and sunset are exactly 12 hours apart. Daylight savings is the reason, of course, but I don’t mind.  Daffodils are blossoming in nearly every garden, as are fruit trees, camellias, and magnolias.  Purple hyacinths are just starting to show their colors, and the dandelion crop is bursting into bloom.  Even the dogs are sporting a spring in their step. 
Today’s equinox inspired me to review my writing goals for the year.  So far, so good.  I’ve written more than 75,000 words this year, finished a short story (and sent it out), and made plane reservations for the big fantasy convention in October.  I also finished the outline of my new manuscript and started writing the first draft.  On the other hand, I cancelled some of my plans to attend a couple of events which (as the guest speakers and schedules were published) did not turn out to be as promising as originally advertised. 
As I write this, the big plum tree right outside my office window has been transformed by the coming of Persephone into a froth of pink blossoms. 
Hope spring is coming your way, too. 
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