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Marvel-ous Ant-Man

As I was heading out to see the movie, Ant-Man today, I was thinking I was in for just another superhero movie–and to be honest, I’m getting a bit bored with the genre. Age of Ultron was just about the … Continue reading

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Jupiter Ascending: Yes, I liked it.

Maybe I’m just easier to please than the average movie reviewer. Yes, it starts out a little slow/hokey, has some pretty obvious plot holes, and I didn’t buy a major portion of the premise, but the set design was (to … Continue reading

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Birdman: How what you think depends on your outlook

No spoilers here. I’m talking about technique here. I’ve been going through some pretty intense personal stuff lately (really good, but distracting), so I decided to go see a movie, to reset my brain. I chose Birdman, in part because … Continue reading

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 Everything good you’ve heard about How To TrainYour Dragon 2 is true.  The visual effects are stunning, the sound and animation are off the charts,  but mostly, it’s even better than the first one. A lot better. I had very … Continue reading

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Spring Break

My beloved sister (or one of them, at any rate) came for a visit this weekend from Southern California. Fortunately, the weather was ‘Portland Perfect’ and we had a terrific time prowling the streets downtown, groovin’ on Mimosas, great coffee, … Continue reading

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The Dark World

Spoiler alert.  I Saw the new Thor movie this weekend. I went in with high expectations.  There are a lot of really pretty people in in that film.  The special effects and art direction are very cool.  It’s even got … Continue reading

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Destined to be a Classic: The World’s End

The World’s End is my new favorite sci-fi movie of the year.  I love British humor and a good pub crawl as much as the next person, but I had no idea what I what to expect when I went … Continue reading

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