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Slogging the Blog – Five Years

I can hardly believe this blog turned five years old this month. It’s become such a part of me, I don’t even think about it.  It’s been fun, actually.  When I look back over the the last five years worth … Continue reading

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Slogging the Blog: YOY Statistics

Keeping track of my blog statistics isn’t one of my favorite activities, but I force myself to take a look a few times a year.  And one of my goals every year is to improve my blog statistics (first time … Continue reading

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Yes, I know it looks different. I liked the look of the old theme template better, but frankly, it wasn’t flexible enough for my needs.  It only had one page and limited customization, and I wanted multiple pages, with a … Continue reading

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Slogging the Blog

Happy Birthday, little blog! Sharon Joss Writes is two years old.   As I reviewed the blog statistics for this year, I was at first surprised to see that my numbers had dropped significantly in 2012 versus 2011.  According to … Continue reading

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Slogging the Blog: How Many Scoops?

One of the things that continues to evolve on my blog is my Blog Roll.  It’s that list of sites on the right side of this screen with the blogs I read most often. I like to think of it … Continue reading

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Slogging the Blog: First Candle

Sharon Joss Writes is a year old today.  The year had gone by so quickly, I almost missed it.  Looking back, I don’t regret a minute of the time I spent dreaming up topics, searching for cool (to me) pics, or … Continue reading

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Slogging the Blog: Sharon Joss Writes is six months old!

Happy Birthday, Baby (sort of)! This week, my baby blog turns six months old, and I thought I’d share the statistics I’ve gathered and lessons I’ve learned so far.  I use two methods for tracking my blog statistics: Blogger Stats (which … Continue reading

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