Slogging the Blog: How Many Scoops?

One of the things that continues to evolve on my blog is my Blog Roll.  It’s that list of sites on the right side of this screen with the blogs I read most often. I like to think of it as a ginormous ice cream cone piled high with every different flavor of blog that appeals to me.  It’s changed quite a bit over the past eighteen months.   Sometimes it’s more heavily scewed toward sites for writers, other times, it’s got authors whose work I’m reading or have come to love.   I generally categorize my tastes into three distinct flavors: ‘writer’ sites, favorite authors, and miscellaneous. 

·         Right now, the ‘writer’ site destinations include Magical Words (which I love because it’s a rotation between some of my favorite Fantasy and Urban Fantasy authors), Larry Brooks’ Story Fix, Pub Rants, Miss Snark’s First Victim, and Query Shark. Author MArketing 101, and Nathan Bransford.
·         I’ve been following George R. R. Martins Not a Blog since 1997.  I also used to follow Jim Butcher  (who has posted some truly excellent writing tips in the past), but he’s not a particularly active blogger.  My favorite authors list isn’t only limited to authors I’ve read, either.  Some, like me, haven’t been published yet. In fact, one of them, Claire Legrand, has earned a permanent place on my blog roll because she has the most charming blog.  She writes middle grade books about magic, and although I’ve never read one of her books, she has a unicorn fetish that can brighten anyone’s day. 
·         In the miscellaneous category, I’ve got SWFA, Duotrope, and Publishers Marketplace  Not really blogs at all, but useful websites that no serious writer can do without. 
Every month or so, I take a look at my blog roll to see if the flavors still appeal to me, and this way my blog stays current with my current interests.  Take a look.  These are my current favorites. 
What are yours?
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