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Local Color: Colloquialisms

That’s right.  I collect ’em.  I don’t know how I got started, but they’re a great way to add voice and attitude to your characters or story.   I grew up in central California, a place ripe with quaint expressions.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Charting a Path from the Soul to the Page

I’m talking about internal character development and how a character’s outward behaviors and attitudes are influenced by the inner world the author creates for each character.  In her book, Getting Into Character, Brandilyn Collins suggests that character attitudes in the … Continue reading

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Deja Sex

I’m guessing I’m never going to write erotica or be a hot romance writer.  I’m not alone when I say that writing graphic sex scenes leaves me a bit, um, squishy inside (although oddly enough, I don’t have any problems … Continue reading

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Just One More Round…

Okay, okay, maybe I do have a little problem.  I finished the first major round of revisions on Glamour yesterday afternoon.  No sooner did I finish writing the final scene than I starting going back into the manuscript to twiddle … Continue reading

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Living the Dream(land)

I’m in the middle of my first round of major revisions for GLAMOUR, and I find myself living in my character’s head(s): inhabiting their houses, going to their bars, dining on their, um prey.  Only in my dreams, of course, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Starting in the Right Place

I admit it.  I’m starting over.  From the beginning.  After changing the POV in GLAMOUR from first person to third person, the story was still dull, and I realized I was starting in the wrong place.  And by starting in the wrong … Continue reading

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Casting Call – Developing Character Voice & Motivation

One of the lessons I’ve learned about developing characters is to use interviews to develop characterization instead of  using a dossier of lifestyle questions.  Now I’m not saying that character dossiers aren’t perfectly valid ways to get to know your … Continue reading

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