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Get A Job

What do a tea shop owner, an auto mechanic, a private detective, a disk jockey, and a blacksmith all have in common? They’re all day jobs for urban fantasy protagonists. One of the differences between urban fantasy and high fantasy … Continue reading

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Oh What Fun – The Negative Turning Point

This week, I reached the negative turning point of my story.  The protagonist is embedded within the new story world.  He’s been called to action, thwarted at every turn, and the stakes have been raised in nearly every scene. There … Continue reading

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Putting the Pro in Protagonist

Okay, we know that every story needs a hero.  Somebody to root for, somebody to worry over.  Someone to follow in a story arc that builds and changes as the story progresses.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of protagonist … Continue reading

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Well, it worked.  I went back to my old writing prompt; basically a blank sheet of paper with three sentences written at the top: Good morning, Pandora.  What do you love to read? What would you like to write about? … Continue reading

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