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Oh What Fun – The Negative Turning Point

This week, I reached the negative turning point of my story.  The protagonist is embedded within the new story world.  He’s been called to action, thwarted at every turn, and the stakes have been raised in nearly every scene. There … Continue reading

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Fear of Fighting

Okay, I confess.  I’ve been stalling a bit this week.  Writing a lot, but not on GLAMOUR.  I submitted a short story to a contest.  I’m working on a couple of astrological charts for my sisters.  Wrote a poem.   Read … Continue reading

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Real Monsters

One of the sessions I enjoyed most at Renovation in Reno this year, was a panel discussion about Writing Non-Human Characters, and how to make them believable.  The author panel consisted of Carol Berg, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Hugo-award-winner Robert Sawyer, … Continue reading

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A Monster by any other name: Motivating Your Inner Cryptozoid

I may be going out on a limb here, but if you’re writing urban fantasy (or any kind of fantasy), the supernatural & paranormal characters of your story are going to need motivations, feelings, and possibly even emotions, just like … Continue reading

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Tweets for the Twit

After buying into the social media presentation on Twitter last week (see Ain’t That Tweet entry), I decided to get a Smart Phone for keeping up with the email and twitter stuff.  My old cell phone was more than nine … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, it’s real: It’s called Cryptozoology

Otherwise known as the study of animals whose existence is questionable.  Fire-breathing dragons, unicorns, and giants have long been popularized in myths and fiction.  At one time, even fossilized bones of dinosaurs were considered a hoax.   The rhinoceros, okapi, bondegezou, … Continue reading

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