Writing: It’s a Good Gig

I’m not pointing a finger; I’ve done my own share of whining as well. And while I’ve said that writing is the best job I’ve ever had, like any occupation, it isn’t always fun and games. It’s a gig like any other. Good days, bad days, the whole bit.  I’ve reached the point now where I try to focus on the positive:

  • First and foremost, I write. It’s the very best part of the job.
  •  I can go to work in my pajamas, if I want. Not that I do; I’m just sayin’
  • There’s no rush-hour traffic
  • The product doesn’t go out the door until I’m ready to send it
  • I never get bored; or if I do, I start a new story
  • It’s the only job I ever had where the ‘continuing education’ is something to really look forward to. Whether it’s CONs, Classes, or Workshops, learning the ropes from the pros with a bunch of other writers is part of the job (and a whole plot of fun)
  • The rush you get when you figure out some tricksy part of the plot or read something you wrote that was obviously kissed by the muse is better than…well, an Employee of the Month Award
  • LOVE the homework!  I get to read good stuff by my favorite authors
  • You never have to ask for vacation days or keep track of sick days
  • You can take personal calls at work without the woman/man in the cubical behind you, listening in
  • You still read Dilbert, but it’s not your favorite comic anymore
  •  You’ll never have to worry about being laid off again

Sure, the number of things a writer doesn’t control in this business probably outnumbers the things they do, but that’s life.  Sometimes it’s good to remember (for me, at least) that writing really is a good gig.

Write on, baby.

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