DESTINY BLUES – Launch Announcement


Today is the official launch of my urban fantasy novel, DESTINY BLUES.

Amazon:                    Paperback hardcopy

Amazon:                    Kindle Edition

Barnes & Noble:         Nook Edition

Kobo:                        Kobo Edition

Smashwords:             Smashwords Edition

It’s the story of Shore Haven’s favorite meter maid, Mattie Blackman, as she battles the demons of her past and comes to terms with her destiny.

I’m excited to see something I worked on for so long come to print, but I don’t plan to do a lot of pushing of my own work from this site.  I will make publication announcements from time to time, for family, interested friendly followers and subscribers.  Hope you buy it, hope you like it, hope you write a nice review and tell your friends.

Enough said.

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