Cold Shoulders

Coldbaby1The big chill is on.

For this past week, we’ve been in the throes of a deep freeze here in Oregon. Today is a bit too nippy even to walk  the dogs.  I lived in Rochester, New York for seven years, so I know what I’m talking about. When the outdoor temps drop below about 22 degrees, even a ten-minute walk hurts their toenails and paws.  And right now, the temperature is less than 20 degrees, with blustery winds.  Not sure what that means for the wind chills, but I’m guessing single digits.  Yowza.

But I don’t mind, nasty temperatures outside mean its good writing weather inside.

Speaking of which, I got a form rejection from a publisher yesterday, rejecting a manuscript I’d submitted eighteen months ago.   I couldn’t believe it had taken them that long to reject a 10-page query submission (although I have to give the responder credit for responding at all).

The rejection was for a manuscript called MYTHICA.  I laughed. That same manuscript was released this week as Brothers of the Fang.  It was the most satisfying rejection I have ever received.

So far.


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