Fear of Fighting

Okay, I confess.  I’ve been stalling a bit this week.  Writing a lot, but not on GLAMOUR.  I submitted a short story to a contest.  I’m working on a couple of astrological charts for my sisters.  Wrote a poem.   Read the first 60 pages of GLAMOUR (and didn’t hate it).  Yesterday, I wasted the whole day sitting in front of the PC and didn’t write a single word. 
You see, the next big scene I need to right is a fight scene.  A big scary, hairy, bloody thrashful scene where my supernatural protagonist battles a supernatural monster guy, and I’m reluctant to start.  I mean, other than a few slaps and gunshots, I’ve never written a battle like that before.  Now you KNOW I have lots of books on the subject of action scenes, but they all talk about acting things out and thrusting here and parrying there.  Or they’ll talk about taking a class or two in martial arts.  Damn, but I should have taken that class on battling with medieval weapons at Renovation Com while I had a chance!  Even so, I’m not sure it would have helped me here.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to start it. 
I wish I knew why this scene is so hard to write.  I mean, the bad guy jumps in.  He’s got bad guy teeth and bad guy claws, and a big bad deadly weapon.  He’s blasting and biting and clawing up everybody in the pancake house, right?  Just do it.  Allrighty-then.  So today, I went back to GLAMOUR, determined to write the battle scene.  And I did.  At least, the first part of it.  The part where the guy is with the girl in a breakfast joint, but not the part where the thing shows up.  I’m saving that part for tomorrow. 
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  1. Oooh, battle scene! Maybe use some big music in the background while you write ;-)) I’m sure it’ll be a great scene.

    p.s. my mom does astrology charts, and evidently I have almost every planet in the first house, & most planets in the same sign (can’t remember what she called that)

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