Three Dog Night

This weekend, the grapes on my grapevines started to ripen, about four weeks early.  Normally, I get them (mostly) picked before the end of August, and the birds and raccoons get the rest.  Since grapes aren’t good for dogs,   I’ve been picking 20+ pounds of grapes every week for the last six weeks. The grapes that fall to the ground are small and sour and the girls aren’t really interested in them. 

This year, however, we had the hottest July on record, and between the heat and the smoky skies from all the fires surrounding Boise, the leaves are already turning, and the grapes are turning red and getting sweet.  The birds are everywhere, and they’re messy eaters.  Even though I sweep the patio once or twice a day, there are always lots of grapes on the ground, and my dogs love them. 

Last night was not a night to remember.  Everybody had upset tummies and between the gas and the barfing and the other end, I didn’t get much sleep.  Things are better today, thank goodness, and all of us are taking naps.  

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