Seize the Day – Summer Solstice

Boy howdy, the year is flying by…summer solstice is already upon us. Longest day of the year coming right up; Sunday, June 21st at 9:39am, PDT (if you live in Oregon).  Nature lover that I am, I always try to take a few moments at summer and winter solstice to emerge from whatever projects I’m working on and take a good look around at what’s happening out in the world. Not newswise, per se, but in the natural world.

For example, the apples on the apple trees are about tangerine-sized right now–still green, with traces of the blossom still attached at the bottom.  Day lilies and roses are at their peak, and the linden trees are just coming into fragrant bloom. June marks the beginning of the dry season in Oregon, and now is a great time to get out and visit some of the Portland area’s beautiful botanical gardens.

The first crop of baby starlings fledged a month ago, and the scrub jays fledged last week. The solstice is also a great time for bird-watching and we’ve got a lot of accessible birding areas close by.

Or, if your interests run to more ah, nocturnal activities, check out the night sky.  Sunset on the Solstice will occur at 9:03pm in Portland. This time of year, we’ve got spectacular views of both Jupiter and Venus in the Western sky, with the waxing crescent moon.

So get out there and carpe diem.

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