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20150410press-dayYesterday we went to Bang Printing in Valencia to see our beautiful books get printed. We got a tour of the plant, and got to see our books assembled and printed from start to finish. They handed us the first copies–literally hot off the press.

They also told us it would take 24 hours for the glue in the binding to dry. Doh!  So on the bus ride back to ASI we CAREFULLY started reading. You could have heard a pin drop!

20150410BangprintingLater that afternoon, we critiqued Tim Napper’s 24-hour story, FLAME TREES (awesome!), and then Tor’s Tom Doherty (eep!), Mike Resnick (eep!) Robert Sawyer (eep!) and Orson Scott Card (eep!) all wowed us with their insights on writing and the business of writing.

Dinner that night was a seafood buffet where a few more of the WOTF ‘family’ showed up–Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Kevin Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and more big names in art and science fiction and fantasy than you can possible imagine.

It was like a mini WORLD CON.

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