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20150407-a-herd-of-writersIt’s too hard to explain.  Let me sum up.

Here we are, the whole horde of us, traipsing off to Author Services for our workshop. My lack of posts are no indication whatsoever of our lack of activity. We’ve been going and doing nearly every minute of every day. At 4pm on Wednesday, the clock began ticking on our “24-hour Story”. On Thursday EVERYONE turned their stories in, and we got to hear scientist and author Dr. Doug Beason talk about some pretty nifty technologies–including freezing time (yes, Virginia, you heard me.) TIME FREEZE! After that, we trooped downstairs to  see the art created for our stories by the brilliant and talented illustrators.

It was magical. The art is set up on easels, and we walk in and try to find our story art while the illustrators (and everyone else) are watching.  There is a moment when you go from yearning/seeking/striving to certainty that is completely overwhelming.   I’m not naming any other names, but I cried like a baby.  Gonna use that in a story, I think.20150407workshop

Today we head out on a field trip to see our stories come off the press. Everyone is super excited.

Gawd what a bunch of geeks we are.

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