Mondo Moon Weekend

On Saturday, the full moon will be a biggie.  According to ( ), the moon will be closer to earth than any time in the last 18 years.  The event is what astronomers call a “perigean full moon.” Due to an optical illusion, the moon looks even larger when it is closest to the horizon.  In Boise, moonrise on Saturday is at 8:28pm, and moonset is at 7:22am Sunday morning (  ). 
The event is caused by the lopsided elliptical shape of the moon’s orbit, passing a little nearer to Earth on one side, and farther on the other.  And, because the moon’s gravity influences the ocean tides, this closeness adds a few inches to the water level at high tide. That comes on top of a high tide that is normally higher anyway when the moon is full, and the sun, Earth and moon are lined up in a row.  Although those of us here in Boise will miss that tidal experience, I’m hoping that our global friends in Japan will receive only inspiration and renewed determination from Saturday’s full moon. 
On Sunday, the spring vernal equinox arrives in Boise, officially at 5:21pm.  As a vegetarian, I plan on celebrating with a spinach salad, accompanied by fresh asparagus, rice pilaf, and strawberries.  Mmmm.  Nothing like a meal of fresh spring vegetables to celebrate the arrival of the growing season!
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