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I decided to put aside further edits on the Fate manuscript until I got some more specific feedback; all my edits were starting to slide together, and I found myself stressing a bit. With Fate in the hands of three different parties, I’m focusing my efforts on the next manuscript. 
I’m feeling great to be back into my writing groove; when the words stumble over each other trying to get themselves sorted out through my fingers and onto the page.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve really gained momentum and gotten some traction on the Destiny manuscript.  I’m in what I call the ‘pre-draft’ stage; where I write the story as fast as I can get the words on paper.  I’m trying to get through a scene a day, but I’ve noticed that Destiny is meatier and has more action than Fate did.  I think this is a good thing.  I don’t like to make judgments about the pre-draft, because the goal is to get the words on paper, from start to finish. 
The topic of unfinished manuscripts has been pretty hot on some of the writer groups I attend.  Someone asked a general question about how may unfinished projects (manuscripts) other writers had lying around.  People claimed as many as a dozen unfinished projects.  It seems that many writers get started and then get bored with their characters, or the story.  They start something new, and never go back to the first project.  I can’t help but cringe at all that lost productivity.  That’s why I’m a big fan of writing every day; it adds up fast.  I keep a daily spreadsheet of my word count, and it helps motivate me.  Like today, it took me an additional 619 words to finish up a scene I started yesterday.  I started cleaning out the garage, ran and ran a bunch of errands, and that 619 words started bugging me.  My daily goal is 1250 words, and 619 wasn’t going to be enough.   So I came back to the PC this afternoon, and got started on the next scene.  In an hour, I got another 883 words in, and stopped at a good place in the action.  Not only did I make my quota, but I feel good about it.   
Watching my word totals and page counts increase a little every day feels (to me) a little like watching spring arrive.  Bit by bit, little green spouts emerge from the bare ground and dead twigs, just as sentences become paragraphs, become pages, become scenes.  A little bit every day gets your manuscript written.  And if you love what you’re doing, every page is a joy.  Writers write. 
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  1. Nice post and I can certainly relate. Though I continue to Pitch my completed manuscript on various blog contests, I’ve basically set it aside to “cook” while I finish the second book.

    I’m excited to read your next installment when it’s finished!

    ps. Are you on facebook? Send me private email if you’d like to remain incognito 😉

  2. belick says:

    I admire writers to no end. You are a brave and committed writer and I sing your praises sista.

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