End of an Era… My New Cup Runneth Over

Oldcupnewcup1Last week I broke my favorite coffee mug; the one featured in my very FIRST blog post, back on January 7th, 2011. I bought the mug two years earlier (March 27th, 2009), the day I made a resolution to myself to make it as a writer. That written resolution is framed and sitting on my desk where I can see it every day, so breaking that mug has a lot of symbolism associated with it.

I went back to Cafe Press and browsed through literally THOUSANDS of writer-themed mugs looking for the one I’d bought, but couldn’t find it. Okay, I didn’t paw through all 11 thousand designs, but believe me, I spent far more time looking for ‘my’ mug than I should have.
Couldn’t find it, or anything else that appealed to me. I finally found the perfect cup on Zazzle, where you can actually customize your cup! Even the font!

oldcupnewcup2Okay, yeah, there is a capacity problem. I was positive that the 12 ounce size was the same size as the one I’d broken; so obviously, I got that wrong. But that’s okay.

This new cup is REALLY me.

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