Day one – and she’s off!

Welcome to my writing journal, which I call Sharon Joss Writes.  I’m a writer of contemporary myth-based fiction.  The purpose of my blog is to document my journey from unemployed author-wannabe to successful full-time writer.  Along the way, I’ll share everything I learn about the art and craft of creative writing, finding an agent, building a marketing platform, and getting published again and again. 

I’ve just finished my second manuscript.  It’s an Urban Fantasy with the working title of Fate. This journal / blog  is intended to document my experiences as I move Fate from my desktop to first-published novel.  Along the way, I’ll share my experiences and discoveries. 

Today, I sent off the first email query for Fate to preferred Agent #1.  I took a class from him last year, and I know he represents authors in my genre.  I unsuccessfully pitched my first manuscript to one of the other agents in the same firm last year, at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference.  It was the first manuscript I’d ever written, and I had never pitched to an agent before. I know that my second manuscript is much better than my first one.  If preferred Agent #1 isn’t interested, I have a short list of other preferred agents, and I’m also attending the Agent Pitch session at this year’s San Francisco Writer’s Conference.  I’ve written and rewritten my pitch to the point where it’s as good as I can make it.  Of course, as soon as I sent it off, I thought of other things to tweak, but the deed is done.  I’m on my way…

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