Cosmic Groove is Here!

CosmicGroovelores I am thrilled to announce that Cosmic Groove, book 5 in my Hand of Fate series was released this week and is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple i-Books and wherever you buy books.

Sometimes, every deal is a bad hand.

Mattie’s oath to Morta is under siege, and now there’s hell to pay. With an immortal sorcerer and his demon on the rampage, and a feud about to explode between the lycans and the witches, only a bad deal with the dead can help Mattie lift a centuries-old curse and rescue Rhys. But neither Mattie nor her friends suspect there’s a deeper, darker plot that threatens the lives of everyone in Shore Haven.

For Mattie Blackman, the Hand of Fate may be a very bad deal indeed.

Finishing a novel and releasing it out into the world always brings a fantastic feeling of accomplishment, but also has me on pins and needles until the first reviews come in.  Will people like it? Was it worth the wait?  I hope so. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 Responses to Cosmic Groove is Here!

  1. Gary Kimsey says:

    Greetings, Sharon:

    I enjoyed Cosmic Groove, as well as your previous novels in the series. You’re a fine writer and you tell a good story. Your writing style is clear and easily understandable. The storylines always move forward to keep the reader engaged. Good job!

    I read the first four installments of Hand of Fate back in the winter when I had more time to read as my wife and I spent the chilly months indoors at her home in Missouri (in the warm months, we live at my place in the Colorado mountains; a lot of gardening and hiking going on, less reading time).

    I wish you well with your future writing endeavors. I haven’t read your other works, but will. Writing is a lonely sport, but you play it well. –Gary Kimsey

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