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Building Your World With Biomes

Several people have asked me about the world-building in my Writers of the Future award-winning story, “Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light”.  It’s about a human colony living on the planet Hesperidee, a rocky, arid planet with a hydrogen-rich atmosphere, … Continue reading

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Seven Fundamental Lessons I’ve Learned About Being a Writer (So Far)

When I first started writing, my only goal was to write a novel, get an agent, and get it published. The way I figured things then, was that I’d gotten decent grades in my English classes in school, and I’d done plenty of writing … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding: Geography

One of the key elements of sci-fi and fantasy world building is developing a culture for the people who live in that world.  Whether your world is earth-based or not, the people who inhabit your story need to be provided … Continue reading

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Experience Planet Earth

My sister and I visited the Tualatin Nature Park and Interpretive Center this weekend, and as we walked along the forest trail, I was struck by how primeval the place felt.  Other than the occasional jogger and the lone call … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Such Verb as Riffing

Riff.  The word doesn’t exist.  Not as a noun, a verb, or an adjective.  Not in my Oxford English Dictionary, not in my Synonym Finder, nor my online Microsoft Thesaurus, or my Roget’s Thesaurus.   I finally found it in the … Continue reading

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Urban World Building

The good thing about Urban Fantasy is that the setting takes place on earth, and the ‘normal’ basic rules of physics (gravity, sunlight, weather, etc) pretty much apply, albeit with a few author-intended specifics.  But as I develop the general … Continue reading

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