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Well, I was up this morning in time to see the Lunar Eclipse.   The girls and I took our usual morning constitutional, and for once. I was GLAD to be up at oh-dark-hundred to see the event.   According to astrologists, the full moon and a lunar eclipse will occur in the sign of Gemini, and Gemini is the sign relating to all forms of communication, learning, and intellectual stimulation. So I’m thinking that this event is some kind of awesome pat on the back from the universe for us writers.  A real writer’s omen. 


The weatherman on last night’s news said the moon would look larger than normal and have a red hue due to the slight inversion we’ve been experiencing here in the Boise valley.  So as the dogs and I set out this morning, my eyes were glued to the heavens, bright with anticipation. However, coincidentally with the Lunar eclipse astrological at 18 degrees Gemini, the temperature this morning was exactly the same.  My eyes watered with the cold and as my forehead began to freeze, I didn’t think much of the whole lunar eclipse experience.  I mean, yeah, I saw the moon, and yeah, there was a shadow across it that made it look like a crescent, but my eyes were too blurry to see much more than that. 


In fact, by the time I got home, the eclipse was done and so was I.  It dawned on me that maybe I was trying to read too much into this whole mystical eclipse thing.  I fed the dogs and crawled under the covers for a little more shut-eye.   By the time I woke up, I felt a whole lot better, and the sun was shining. Okay, the temperature was only in the mid 20’s, but hey, that’s great writing weather!

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