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2011: The List and the Lesson

For the last several years, I’ve made a goal for myself with regards to reading.  After Stephen King wrote in his wonderful book On Writing about how many books he reads per year, I’ve thought that having a reading goal … Continue reading

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Writing Weather

Well, I was up this morning in time to see the Lunar Eclipse.   The girls and I took our usual morning constitutional, and for once. I was GLAD to be up at oh-dark-hundred to see the event.   According to astrologists, … Continue reading

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I am a Writer

Of course, the very best thing about a writing workshop is the writing.  And learning.  And reconnecting with friends.  And meeting new friends.  And reading.  And adding new books and authors to my evergreen ‘must read’ list.  And the critique … Continue reading

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Running With The Pack

Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize that some writers aren’t comfortable around large groups of people.  Or even small groups of people.  Or other people at all.  I’ve even been told by wanna-be-published writers that the … Continue reading

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