Splendor in the Green

Spring has finally arrived in Boise.  You can’t look at the calendar and think Spring, just because of what day it is.  Not up here in Idaho, at any rate.  No, the real spring happens here when the fruit trees start blooming and the grass turns all the way green. 

I started mowing two weeks ago, but that was mostly wishful thinking on my part.  This week was different.  The grass looks like velvet and smells a little like heaven.  I’ve gotta tell ya, that there are few feelings in life as serenely satisfying as having a glass of wine near sunset after mowing the lawns.  The possible exception is watching the girls munch on their fresh bones at the same time. 

The birds are singing, and there’s a wee tree frog somewhere off to my right, giving his special blessing to the warm air.  Life is good. 

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