Small Blessings

We blessed, not caged. We choose to participate in saving the the world by the mere act of sitting this one out. For a few weeks. Or months.

Our admiration and hopes are for the awe-inspiring health care professionals and scientists who care for the sick and develop the vaccine to deliver to an anxious world.

We help where we can; where we are able. We offer kindness. A trip to the grocery store for a neighbor. A word of encouragement, a wave of recognition, a smile at a stranger.

And we count our blessings, even the small ones:

  • Sitting out on the balcony in the middle of the afternoon, enjoying the warmth of a spring day.
  • The no-commute commute to work
  • Shorter work schedule because of the no-commute commute
  • A smaller gas bill
  • Social media, which has (in the past) been snerkked at by one and all, is now a nifty way to join distant friends and family for coffee–> or wine–> any time. It’s not incompatible with Social Distancing.
  • Guilt-Tree retail therapy via the internet –> no need to get dressed –> or even buy(!)
  • Reading a book at lunchtime
    • Snuggled in a quilt
      • On my couch
        • With the dog
  • Simply knowing we will get through this

Whatever it takes.  We are all in this together.

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