New Science Fiction: Aurum

AURUM 011914smallforwebFor me, every novel is a labor of love, but AURUM is my first science fiction novel.  Also my first rip-roaring action / adventure tale.  The inspiration for this story started with one of my favorite movies, the classic Bogart film, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but that is about as far as the similarity goes.


The embargoed planet of Aurum contains the richest deposits of gold in the galaxy.  Accessible only once every four years to the wealthy elite attending the Gold Festival, master engraver Renly Harkness travels deep into the forbidden zone of this plague planet to rescue his missing older brother.

Accompanied by the beautiful half-breed, K’Sati, and haunted by a debt he fears he can never repay, Renly risks his life and faces his darkest fears to rescue his beloved  brother.

Available in paperback and Kindle  from Amazon, and all your favorite e-book retailers.

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