Judgement Day

Jury service day, actually. My first call to jury duty since I moved back to Oregon. I was a little nervous about it, and arrived well before the 7:45am start time, only to stand outside in the freezing (yes, it was 32 degrees in Hillsboro this morning) cold, because the courthouse doesn’t open until 7:45am. Brrr.
I had plenty of company.

But once we finally got through security (a more rigorous inspection than you would expect at an airport), we were led to the basement for our orientation and assignment to our courtrooms for the day. While this was not my first jury rodeo, it was the first time I’d been part of the pool for a criminal offense (DUI). Surprisingly, only six jurors were selected for this trial (I always thought the number was 12). I was not one of the selected few.

I was glad to be excused early, but at the same time, disappointed. I found the process of voir dire fascinating, and I kinda wanted to see it through.  I’m certain that the fellow sitting at the defendant’s table got a fair and impartial jury. The experience renewed my appreciation for the American justice system, and the fact that jury duty is one way we all make it work.

Glad to be of service.

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