I’m A NaNoWriMo Weener!!

I finished the NaNoWriMo challenge today; I finished my 50,000 words with a day to spare.  I averaged 1776 words per day over the month, and there were only 2 days this month that I did not write at all.  For some reason, the word count processor miscalculated my total word count when I submitted it for validation, so it looks like I wrote more than I actually did.  My final word count submission was 51100 words, but the NaNoWriMo certification calculator put it at 87,440, which isn’t right.  I tried to fix it, and that just made things worse, so I’ll leave it at that. 

I wrote approximately 44K words this month on the GLAMOUR manuscript.  I am now one-third of the way through my first draft.  I also wrote a short story which I submitted to a contest (4k words) and worked on a couple of other things when I was trying to bolster my courage for the big fight scene (oh yeah, I got it written).  I also refined the outline; expanding it from 29 to 40 chapters.  I do think the story may end up being closer to 60 chapters before I’m done.  Originally, I’d anticipated my chapters at 3k words each, but in the actual writing, my chapter length for the first 20-odd chapters has been much shorter.

I will say I’m glad to have the pressure off.  I’d really hoped to be halfway through my WIP, but I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made this month.  For everyone else who made the effort to write every day, I say it’s getting into the HABIT of writing every day, not the volume that’s important.  I’m most comfortable with a writing goal of 1250 to 1400 words per day, and I did much better than that this month.  I’m a weiner!
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  1. You are sooo good!! I weenered out with my word count, but I figure every word was more than I had down before, so I’m pleased with my bit of progress. Also, good for you entering a short story contest on top of working on your novel!

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