Dog Daze

Ever so slowly, dear crabby old Quilly is coming back around.  I came home from the WorldCon and picked her up at the kennel, only to find she had developed a huge ulcer / scrape across her cornea.  Much pain, daily vet visits, the Elizabethan collar of dispair, and SEVEN prescriptions later, this morning, she’s starting to come around again.  She’s been grumpy and uncomfortable the past few days (although I’ve got her on two separate pain management prescriptions),  and she even laid into poor Mia, who was guilty of nothing more than standing on Quilly’s (temporarily)blind side.  She laid open Mia’s shoulder with a nasty bite, which drew a lot of blood and left a half-inch-long gash.  Oy.  Now I’ve got two girls with owies. 

Yesterday though, the ancient Corgi felt well enough to walk around the block with me and the Aussies, even though it took us nearly twenty minutes to do so (being that Queen Quilly has short legs and doesn’t go much faster than a sedate stroll).  Mia’s shoulder seems to be scabbing up cleanly with no heat or redness, so this morning is the first in two weeks, that the three of them relaxed into our regular morning ritual: the girls sprawled at my feet whilst I peruse the paper; peaceful at last. 

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  1. Awww,sounds like Quilly really missed her mama. And I know how girly dogs can be with one another, we have 4 of them ;-D

    Such a cute pic too!

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