Blue Skies & Writing Weather

Autumn equinox1The autumn equinox arrives this week (Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live), marking some of the most spectacular weather of the year.

To my mind, the bluest skies of the year come with the first days of fall, and nowhere are they any bluer or clearer than here in Oregon. This year especially, after a summer of record-breaking heat, the soft breezes and cooler temps are a balm to my soul. I’ve done more than just change my address this week– I’ve changed my perspective. I’m in a new new head space–inspired by my new surroundings, re-energized, and determined to persevere and succeed.

The last few months have been both exhilarating (with more good news waiting in the wings pending formal announcement) and stressful–at times, I’ve felt as if I was fighting to get the words onto the page. My productivity has fallen far short of my expectations at the beginning of the year. The move to new digs has been yet another distraction, but now that I’m settling in, I can feel the ideas percolating again. The good writing weather has finally arrived, and it’s all blue skies ahead.

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