Ahh, Spring

When it comes to spring, we run a few weeks behind what the calendar says, here in Idaho.  For us, spring means the weather is all over the map.  There is still a LOT of snow on the mountains, but the rivers are all running high with snowmelt and the grass is greening up.  The crocus and daffodils are blooming, and this week, the first fruit trees burst into bloom. The dogs and even the local cats are munching on shoots of sweet green grass. 
We’ve still got at least a month to go before our last frost, but we’re expecting temps in the 70 degree range this weekend (yippee!). The garden centers don’t have much in the way of flowering plants yet, but you can get all the mulch you could possibly want.  I’m planning to spend the weekend outside; washing windows and mowing the lawn for the first time all year.  I’m looking forward  enjoying the fresh scent of new-mown grass. 
Ah, spring!

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